Our teachers

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Chinese School in Warsaw employs some of the best teachers of Chinese language. This is an ambitious team of teachers with a professional university education. They are creative and energetic and teaching is their passion. They take care of a pleasant atmosphere in the classroom because a good relationship with the listener support learning. They speak fluent English and some Polish language allowing for conducting classes in both languages.

You can be sure that the Chinese School in Warsaw you learn the Mandarin Chinese language, correct grammar and above all, accent and signs.

Pan Pan


Ms. Pan - graduated from the University in Shanghai and worked as a teacher in a kindergartens in Changning, Putuo and Jingan District. Ms. Lord is a warm, friendly and responsible person. She's using her skills (singing, dancing, origami, cutouts and others) in working with children. It has Mandarin Teacher Certification.

Hu Yu Hong


Chinese Teacher. Very warm and educated lector. She's fluent in English language. In our school she is teaching  Chinese in indywidually way. Hu joined our team last year. She loves the culture of her country but her second hobby is music.



Ms. Zhao Yue - Creative, easily makes contact with students. It has an irreplaceable skills useful in working with children and adults how. Its main character traits such as openness, good looks and pleasant manners and perseverance have an impact on the positive results achieved by her students.



Mr. Dong Zhifeng was educated at Beijing University of Science and Warsaw University of Technology. Since 2012 he is a member of teachers team of Chinese Schools in Warsaw. He also has a Certificate of Teaching Mandarin. He is fluent in Polish and English. His poise and peace of mind positively reflect on the audience through what their results are a surprise to them.



Mr. Xiaoyi Xu - graduated from the schools: Moscow State University, Odessa National University, School of Social Psychology (Warsaw) Collegium Civitas (Warsaw) University of Warsaw, Fields of study: Cultural Studies and International Relations; Foreign Languages. He dained his experience in charitable organizations in China and by private teaching Chinese language. He's in The Chinese School in Warsaw team since 2012. Mr. Xu Languages spoken: English, German, Russian and Polish. He has enormous knowledge of the Chinese language but also the culture and art of this country.



Ms. Shi Qianyan - she graduated from the Warsaw School of Social Psychology in Warsaw. Ms. Shi was teaching the Chinese language in indyvidually way for the entire period of study time and then she joined our team. She's young, energetic and very committed person. Everything he does, he does at 100%. She is fluent in Polish language and English. She gets along great with children. Ms. Shi uses the work of various educational materials, including songs, origami, calligraphy, art classes and art.



Song Tong Tong - graduated from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies majoring in Chinese Taeaching As a Second Language. Since 2011 he has been working as a teacher of Chinese language. He is fluent in Polish and English. Ms. Tong Tong Song is a young, creative and ambitious person, with a host of innovative ideas. The effects are confident.



Mrs. Ningxin Zhang- Szymerska - graduated from Donghua University -Shanghai, since 2008 she gained experience in individual teaching Chinese language children and adults. Certified achievements in modern languages and a certificate of language teaching Mandarin. Fluently speaks English, Polish and Japanese. Har main character traits are patience, perseverance, faith, consistency and the ability to persuade.



Ms. Liu Xiauyan - graduated from the International Centre for Education and the Higher School of Business in Shandong. As a teacher of English and Chinese she gained the experience in teaching. It has a Certificate of Polish Language Course and The Mandarin Language Teaching Certificate. He is fluent in both Polish language and English. Ms. Liu is warm and calm person, but in relation to the language teaching very demanding.