Maciej H. 17, student

This is my next course in this school with Ms. Yi. The level of the group is very good, classes are taught in an interesting way. I know that learning alone could not meet so many interesting facts about Chinese or Chinese culture. I would recommend.

Teresa B. 59

I must commend our teacher. We passed a lot of information about Chinese. We learned the intricacies of grammar, phonetic. All in a cool atmosphere, conducive to effective learning.

Peter K. 25

I highly recommend attending Chinese language classes in Chinese School in Warsaw. Classes are held in a small circle and you can learn many useful words, sentences and phrases of the language very quickly. Classes are held regularly, and all school teachers in a very efficient and reliable transfer their knowledge to students. It's really worth!

Matthew, 16

I believe that the classes were held in a very interesting and easy teaching method. I really learned a lot of lessons for 40h. I recommend this course. The Chinese language is a little hard, but you can learn it. I must admit that at first I had a little trouble, but after learning there was only pleasure. The teacher was very nice and always able to answer my questions. Also includes logs learned some interesting facts about China. I am sure that I will continue to study Chinese at the school.

Martin S. 31

Classes were conducted very interesting. The teacher was geared to help students during classes and prepared many interesting exercises. Group small, so the classes are very intense.

Patricia D. 20, a student

During the course there was an atmosphere conducive to learning. The teacher (Ms. Xin) endeavored to explain the material. I am very pleased with the course. I'm going to continue on study Chinese because they assimilated the knowledge and to this I was encouraged.

Andrzej S. 43

I welcome the participation of Chinese language course run by the Chinese School in Warsaw. The course allows you to develop skills of reading, speaking and writing. Classes taught by a teacher (Yang) are conducted in a relaxed carefree atmosphere. The teacher is involved in conducting classes prepared. Extend it with additional classes phrases and information about China culture. I would recommend this course.

Peter K. 24, analyst

Chinese language course takes place at a very good level. Our teacher adequately preparing for classes and a very effective way gives us knowledge that we can use in practice. In addition, classes are held regularly. I highly recommend every willing intending to start learning Chinese language began to make it just the Chinese School in Warsaw. The school is located in the center, so access is pretty good. Regards.

Ł. 30

The course was conducted in an interesting and (I think) effective manner. In an interesting way we introduce us quite a complex system of tones and characters. Our teacher Dong helped us in all the difficulties and fully explained any doubts related to science. although the 4-person group initially seemed quite large for teaching them the basics (which is so important proper pronunciation) is the sound of his attitude I am very pleased with the course and I would like to continue it.

Chinese course B 1-1. Overall good.

Very nice atmosphere, teacher explains professionally. At the beginning of the course had many problems with grammar, now comparing to my first class here my grammar level is improved significantly. In the future I’d like to have more translation (from English to Chinese) in the classes. To improve my conversation skills. 

X. 28

The course is conducted in a very professional manner. Our teacher in a very accessible to listeners manner presents new issues. By continuously repeating  words even from those distant lessons knowledge stays in your head for a long time. A large part of the course focuses on speaking, which additionally contributes to the qualities of the course.


I love the classes. Our teacher is always very well prepared, lessons are interesting and are held in a pleasant atmosphere. All aspects of grammar are thoroughly explained.